Near the City

A long drive out of the city is not necessary to experience excellent hiking trails. There are several within the city limits.

Westview Nature Trail

The Westview Nature Trail starts at Westview Park, and is 3.5 km long. It follows the south shore of Elliot Lake, with boardwalks over the more rocky or boggy sections. It passes two beach areas with picnic facilities before joining the Spine Road Cross Country Ski Trail, which may also be hiked.

Porridge Lake Trail

A new addition to the City, the Porridge Lake Trail brings hikers around the shore of Porridge Lake always within close proximity to homes.

In Town Trails

The City of Elliot Lake was built into the landscape and into the natural terrain.  As a result, forests are a prominent feature throughout the built environment and make up the many of the back yards of homes in the City.  These forests connect to other trail systems and City streets to provide one of the more interesting and experiential trail networks - especially for those that like to stay close to the safety of others.

Hikers are encouraged to try out our neighbourhood trails.