Horne Lake & Beaver Mountain

The Horne Lake Trail starts in the heart of the City at the Miners' Memorial Park.  The trail loops 6 km around Horne Lake, providing some spectacular views of both the lake and the City.  The cliffs, although not part of the trail, can be scaled by the more experienced hikers for a lovely view of the lake, with the city in the background. 

The Beaver Mountain Trail branches off of the Horne Lake Trail and extends up to one of the most revealing and pictured locations around the City.  Beaver Mountain provides an uninhibited view of much of the City of Elliot Lake as well as Elliot Lake itself and the vast wilderness that surrounds us.  Many people gain a true understanding for the extent of Elliot Lake's surroundings in a single visit here.  The trail is surprisingly moderate given the eventual height change and provides an extremely scenic and rewarding hike.