Fish Elliot Lake

The Elliot Lake region has so much to offer to the fisherman.  The topography is so diverse.  Large hills that lead to small mountaintop trout lakes, endless bogs, dense forests.  Truly a sportsman's paradise.
I began to realize first hand the draw of this region.  All these trout and I had yet to see another truck or canoe.
Harlan Schwartz
Elliot Lake Milk Run

Elliot Lake lies at the heart of one of the world's greatest concentration of natural trout lakes and, with a mix of lake trout, rainbow trout and brook trout, is home to one of Ontario's only self-sustaining inland three-species trout systems.

Stop by any tackle store or gas station from Elliot Lake to Iron Bridge and you are liable to see photos of some of the angling success stories for which this area has justly become famous.  For me, the Penokean Hills (around Elliot Lake) have always held a certain fascination. From the times I first saw some of those gas station photos of six-pound plus brook trout, I wanted to find the glory holes where I could catch them. It's not only the fishing, however, which is spectacular in Penokean Hills Country-the landscape is rugged, ever-changing and the lakes are mainly spring-fed and crystal clear-often with a greenish cast that is reminiscent of the trout waters out West.
Blue Lake Country
By Geoff Bernardo

Let us put it in perspective.  Over 4,000 lakes lie within 50 kilometres of Elliot Lake and hold one of the world's most prolific trout fisheries and a total of nine easy to find species.  That's simply incredible!  Many of these lakes are accessible by maintained boat launch, wilderness boat launch or a quick hike.  When the lakes are harder to get to, we either save them for winter or access from the sky.  It's really that easy to find a lake to yourself and to find fish.  And we don't mean small fish.  Many of the fish that come from area lakes are trophy size.  Just check out the front door at the Elliot Lake Trading Post and you'll see for yourself.  We have plenty to brag about here!

We don't take without giving back.  Trust us.  We want the fish here forever.  So Elliot Lake is at the heart of an aggressive fish stocking program that will ensure good fishing for years to come.  Getting hooked on fishing has never been this simple.

Species of Fish:
Lake Trout
Brook (Speckle) Trout
Pickerel (Walleye)
Northern Pike
Smallmouth Bass
Rainbow Trout

For fishing regulations including license requirements, seasons and limits, please visit the Ministry of Natural Resources Fish Ontario website.